Basic knowledge of bicycles you have to know

- Jan 14, 2019-

1. Front and rear position of the seat cushion

In addition to the extent of the downward extension of the legs when riding a bicycle, there is also an important factor affecting the pedaling force is the extent of the forward extension of the feet when pedaling. If the position of the seat cushion is too late, the foot will be stepped forward too much to make the pedaling smooth and the strength weakened. If the seat position is too far forward, the thigh will not naturally extend forward and the pedaling efficiency will be reduced. The method of determining the front and back of the seat cushion is to sit on the seat cushion, the foot rests on the pedal, the pedal turns to the crank and the ground level, and the joint bone of the root of the foot toe is adjusted above the pedal shaft, and the front edge of the knee is viewed from the side. The vertical line should be in line with the pedal axis. At this time, your hips and feet are in the most relevant position. The pedal is most efficient. If the knee is behind, the cushion will be adjusted forward. When the knee is forward, the cushion will be adjusted backwards. .

2. The height difference between the handle and the seat cushion

Ordinary people often intuitively think that cycling and hunchback will make you more tired of back pain, but each player is a hunchback rider. Do they not suffer from backache? Obviously the average person’s thoughts are wrong, or else the players are crazy? Let's make an experiment. You are now standing up straight and slamming your feet down on the ground. When you bend down and push your feet on the ground, you will find that the strength of bending down is much greater than the force of standing upright when standing upright. The same pedaling is the same as riding a bicycle. Bending down is more powerful than stepping on the body, but the so-called bending is not really to bend your spine, but straighten your back to the thigh bone. The connection with the pelvis is used as a bending point, so that it can be naturally and forcefully stepped on. The way to make this posture on the bicycle ride is that the seat cushion position is higher than the handle.