Bicycle accessories surface problem description

- Jan 26, 2019-

Bicycle accessories surface problem description:

1. Rupture: cracks or fine cracks in bicycle accessories caused by machining damage;

2. Soft scratch: no obvious depth scratches, no feel, but the naked eye can clearly see it;

3. Welding scars: raised scars remaining after the bicycle parts have been polished without being polished;

4. Hard scratches: The surface of the bicycle fitting has a significant depth of scratch due to the friction of the hard object;

5. Deformation: the deformation of the bicycle fittings due to improper adjustment of the processing equipment or the material due to internal stress;

6. Dimensional deviation: due to insufficient precision of the processing equipment, the bicycle component size deviation exceeds the design allowable level;

7. Inadequate cutting: due to the positioning of the bicycle accessories during the processing or the improper fixing of the equipment, the edges are not cut correctly;

8. Surface dent: due to poor heat treatment of the material or rusting of the material, internal impurities cause dents formed on the metal surface;

9. Scratch: Scratches and cuts on the surface of bicycle accessories due to improper protection during processing, packaging and transportation;

10. Oxidation and rust: rust spots appear on the surface due to improper anti-rust treatment or improper handling measures after the bicycle parts are processed;

11. Raw edges: Metal burrs generated at the edge or parting surface of the workpiece due to unprocessed bicycle parts after mechanical stamping or cutting.