Bicycle bearing lubrication knowledge

- Jan 15, 2019-

Bicycle bearing lubrication knowledge:

1. Anti-rust performance

The grease used in bicycles is rust-proof. The rust-proof performance is mainly based on the solubility of oils and fats. Different viscosities and greases formed by different materials have different levels of anti-rust and anti-rust properties. In terms of viscosity, the grease with poor viscosity and poor fat solubility is more waterproof. Such a grease can form a layer of oil film on the surface of the steel even if it is filled with water in the Palin cavity. Because of the low rotation speed of the bicycle, the choice of grease can be relatively high, but the type of water resistance is very strong. Because the bicycle is often used in car wash, rain, and off-road, it is very important to deal with water, even if it is The slightly viscous grease will not affect the smoothness under low rotation, but once the surface forms oxidative damage, the entire peeling process and aging process will be rapidly intensified.

2. Mechanical stability

When the grease rotates at high speed, it will become soft, causing leakage. When there is vibration, the grease will be squeezed out from the raceway, and the soap structure of the grease will cause mechanical disintegration to cause the grease to be destroyed or even thrown out of the bearing.

3. Oil seal

Bicycle oil seals are the gateway to grease and bearings from the outside world. Many bearings in the industry use only ball cages, some use metal oil seal systems, and some are completely open due to the automatic refueling system.