Bicycle equipment maintenance method

- Jan 20, 2019-

Bicycle maintenance methods for bicycles:

1. Variable speed should be flexible. In particular, we do not use the 1 and 2 speed conversion of the crankset. If the problem is up and down in the mountains, it is very headache.

2. Check the brakes. Check if the brake lever is too tight or too loose; if the brake cable is loose, if the brake pipe is excessively bent or detached from the frame, the brake rubber strip is loose or excessively worn (excessive wear will hurt the car) Circle), whether the distance from the tire gap is normal; whether the brake stroke is in line with your own habits, generally the stroke of the rear brake is smaller than the front brake; pay attention to stop and check and adjust in time after the long downhill slope, because the brake is very likely problem appear.

3. Tire problems. To use mountain tires (1, 75 or more) to go to the mountains, the stability of riding has been guaranteed. Friends with V-brake should pay attention to the inner tube should not be used with a patch, so as not to cause high temperature caused by long-term brakes to leak the inner tube.

4, remove kicks and mud, etc., to ensure the safety of riding.

5, pay attention to the chain and other routine maintenance. The main maintenance items are cleaning and refueling. Every time you ride a place with a lot of dust, you should clean the dust in time; when the chain slams, it means that the chain is short of oil, and you should not add too much fuel. The chain runs smoothly and the surface does not see obvious oil. should.