Bicycle light, decorative light selection

- Jun 22, 2019-

The bicycle hot wheels are generally installed on the bicycle shaft and the spokes. Because of the gorgeous patterns, texts, animations, pictures and other effects formed during the riding process, it is similar to the hot wheels, so it is called bicycle fire. Wheel, or bicycle ferris wheel. The bicycle hot wheels are divided into four types according to the display effect.

1. The nozzle lamp is directly screwed on the tire nozzle. The length is 5-10cm. It shows one or several circles of colored lights during the riding process. This is the earliest and most widely used hot wheels.

2.16LED single light bar, directly attached to the bicycle spokes, can display various patterns during the riding process, the disadvantage is that the riding speed of 30km / h or more is required to see the pattern.

3.36 light 32 picture double light bar double-sided display, 10-15km / h or so, the normal speed of the average person can be.

4.48 lights 48 picture DIY programming hot wheels, users can write their own names, or draw favorite comics, graffiti, etc., 10-15km / h out the full picture.

5.128 lights colorful programming hot wheels, can display a variety of cartoon character patterns and text, 10-15km / h out the full picture.

6. Full-color version of the hot wheels, is the best bicycle hot wheels on the market, 5-10km / h. Of course, the price is not cheap.

In addition, bicycle hot wheels are also divided into programmable DIY version and fixed pattern.

1, programmable DIY version, users can download their favorite pictures or text to the hot wheels, so that the wheels are more personalized.

2, fixed pattern version, the pattern inside the hot wheels is fixed, cyclically displayed according to certain rules, the user can not be changed.