Bicycle stamping packaging design principles

- Jan 24, 2019-

Bicycle stamping packaging design principles:

1. Meet customer requirements: The packaging design of all bicycle stamping parts, especially the packing quantity of each box must meet the customer's requirements. Without the consent of the customer, the relevant changes cannot be made privately. If there is a big problem when the customer request is found. , can be determined by the customer after communication with the customer;

2, low-cost principle: bicycle stamping parts packaging design to achieve the lowest cost, the best results;

3. Safety principle: The packaging design must fully consider the safety of the packaging materials for the protection of bicycle stamping parts, and will not cause the packaging failure due to the external effects such as normal transportation, vibration and load bearing;

4, the principle of minimum volume: in order to save transportation costs, to be portable, easy to carry, so in the packaging design, must be considered from the packaging method, try to make the packaging volume as small as possible;

5, easy to install and easy to take the principle: bicycle stamping parts packaging design should consider the operator is convenient and smooth in the boxing and unpacking, do not make the operator difficult to operate due to design defects.

6. The principle of minimum center of gravity: When designing the packaging, the center of gravity of the whole box should be minimized to increase stability.

7. The shape of the package is reasonable: in order to ensure the structural rigidity, the ratio of the length and width of the package is not more than 2.5:1; the ratio of height to width is not more than 2:1 and not less than 0.15:1.