How to prevent injuries from cycling

- Jan 13, 2019-

How to prevent injuries from cycling:

1. Always check the bicycle and keep the car in good condition. Whether the brakes and the bells are sensitive and normal are especially important.

2. The size of the bicycle should be appropriate. Don't ride a children's toy car to the street, and don't want to ride a large car.

3. Do not learn to ride a bicycle on the road; children under the age of 12 do not ride bicycles to the streets.

4. Cycling should be carried on the right side of the non-motorized vehicle lane, not retrograde; do not rush to bend when turning, you must slow down in advance, see the surrounding situation, and then turn with a clear gesture.

5. After crossing the intersection, you should slow down and pay attention to the pedestrians and vehicles passing by; do not run the red light, wait for the red light to stop, and wait until the green light is on.

6. Do not pull your hands with your hands while riding, don't ride many people, don't climb each other, don't chase each other, fight.

7. Do not climb the motor vehicle while riding, do not carry heavy things, do not ride people, do not wear headphones to listen to the radio while riding.

8. Learn and master basic traffic rules.