Mountain bike accessories frame knowledge

- Jan 27, 2019-

Mountain bike accessories frame knowledge:

Frame: The frame is the soul of the mountain bike. The angles of different parts can directly affect the comfort and efficiency of the power. The frame can be roughly divided into: aluminum alloy frame, steel frame, carbon frame, titanium. These are several.

According to the function, the frame can be divided into two types. The hard tail frame, the soft tail frame and the hard tail frame are common. There is no rear suspension and turning point. The hard tail frame can have a high pedaling frequency. Suitable for XC racing level; soft tail frame has turning point, and rear shock part. Because the structure of the soft tail frame is more complicated, the weight is generally heavier than the hard tail frame, but its advantages are obvious. The rear triangular link suspension system can ensure the grounding of the rear wheel on the complex road surface to ensure the stability and better power of the car on complex roads. The hard tail frame and the soft tail frame do not have direct comparable levels because the focus is different.