Simply talk about bicycle code table installation

- Jan 17, 2019-

1. Start the first step below and install the base of the code table.

First of all, make sure that you want to install the code table. The back of the base has foam glue. You can peel the yellow rubber surface and stick it on the handlebar. Then use the rubber band to wrap around the handlebar and click on the card on both sides of the base. In the slot, the base of the table is firmly fixed to the handlebar.

2, then install the sensor head

The induction wire wraps around the brake line until you need to install the sensor. The sensor can be mounted in the middle of the axle and the brake on the front axle. The installation method is similar to the installation base. After the position of the sensor is selected, press it with your fingers, and then use a large rubber band around the lever to buckle the rubber band in the card slot of the sensor.

3. Install the induction magnet

The induction magnet needs to be mounted on the wire strip of the tire to face the position of the sensor. After the soft magnet is placed on the steel wire, it is completed by the iron ferrule in the installation bag from the bottom to the top in the groove of the magnet. The angle is adjusted so that the magnet can face the sensor when the steel spoke passes through the sensor. This makes the sensing effect the best.

4, adjust the wheel circumference of the code table

After the code table is installed, the next step is to adjust the wheel circumference of the code table so that the data read is accurate. Place the code table on the base at an angle of 45 degrees, press it slightly, and turn it counterclockwise to fix it. Then find a straight line on the road, the general cement floor, people ride on the car, make the tire's valve core adjust the nearest position of the ground to make a mark, keep a straight ride for 1 lap, stop when the valve core is closest to the ground The measured distance is the circumference of the wheel. The measurement is more accurate than the reference value of the tire directly on the manual. Because the person will ride on it, the tire pressure will change. So, take 2 or 3 times and take an average. The value is fine. The specific settings can be adjusted to the WHEEL SIZE menu, fill in the default value.