The description of bicycle seat tube

- Jan 29, 2019-

The description of the bicycle accessories seat tube:

The bicycle fitting seat tube is simply the tube in the middle of the link frame under the seat cushion. Bicycle seat tube is mainly divided into three types: ordinary seat tube, adjustable seat tube, and suspension seat tube. The seat tube diameter used by different models is also different.

The diameter of the seat tube of bicycle accessories is mainly determined by the inner diameter of the riser of the bicycle frame. The seat tube of different diameters is generally equipped with the corresponding size of the seat tube clamp. For the lower-intensity riding environment, the pipe diameter will be relatively small. Seat tube. Common pipe diameter specifications are mainly from 27.2mm, 28.6mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm; seat tube length specifications are mainly from 300mm, 330mm, 350mm, 580mm, and 600mm.

The ordinary seat tube has a simple structure and high cost performance. It is the most common seat tube. It is divided into steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material. Steel seat tubes are generally cheaper and have better shock absorption performance, but they are also heavier. The aluminum alloy seat tube is moderately priced and lightly weighted, but the comfort is not as good as the steel seat tube. The carbon fiber seat tube is light in weight and comfortable, but at a higher price.

In addition to the simplest common seat tube, there are currently some functional seat tubes on the market for specific use environments. They are line-controlled adjustable seat tubes for AM models, and suspension seat tubes for long-distance travel and other purposes, usually higher in weight and price than ordinary seat tubes.