Tips for preventing bicycle puncture

- Jan 25, 2019-

Tips for preventing bicycle puncture:

1. If you have enough gas, you must have enough gas. I used to have a puncture for a while. If there is a gas cylinder of the barometer, please hit the pressure figure marked on the tire. If you don't have a barometer, feel it with your fingers. Generally speaking, the road car has to be hit with a finger and can not pinch the tire (the hand of a big man). The mountain bike can be pinched when it is knocked down, but it is very hard to pinch. The benefits of high tire pressure are obvious. The tires are hard. Many sharp stones, broken glass and the like will be bounced off and cannot be plunged. Greatly reduced the chance of being tied.

2. When parking and rest, pay attention to check the tires to see if there are broken glass, small iron pieces, stones and the like embedded in the tires, clean up in advance. These things may not break for a while, but the speed and distance of riding will make them deeper and deeper until they break through the inner tube.

3. Cycling depends on the road and avoids suspicious things on the road. In addition, try to walk as close as possible to the middle of the road. Generally, there are many glass iron pieces on the side of the road.

In the summer, pay attention to the car's air pressure and not to expose it to the sun for a long time. It is necessary to equip the high-pressure inner pad to prevent internal violence at the beginning of the summer. To do this work, you can usually pass the small tires in summer. It is. Tubeless is the best, as long as you frequently check the degree of wear of the tire, the chance of a puncture due to high temperatures will be small. Nitrogen gas can prevent the aging of the tire and has certain benefits for the explosion-proof tire.