What are the wholesale equipment for cycling?

- Jan 28, 2019-


In order to ensure the safety of life during riding, the helmet is of course the number one priority, we recommend that you should include a ventilated and ventilated helmet as one of the necessary equipment.

2. Riding pants

It is also very important to have soft padding and tight-fitting cycling pants. It can reduce the pain caused by the seat cushion and avoid breaking the skin due to friction and improve the riding comfort. It is a must for long-distance riding. Ready.

3. Cycling suit

In addition to the breathable material to help the user perspiration and breathability, the three pockets on the back are also the best place to place personal belongings while riding, and the dazzling pattern can also attract the attention of passers-by to increase self-safety.

4. Riding gloves

Gloves should be selected to use breathable fabrics, stitched firmly, and thick palms. The delicate workmanship of the gloves is very good; the pressure on the wrists is minimized; the palms can also be well protected when the vehicle is crashed.

5. Riding glasses

Very cool riding equipment that blocks UV radiation, prevents eyes from being blown by the wind, tears and foreign objects in your eyes, protecting your eyes from harm.

6. Kettle (rack)

The first priority that needs to be added in the car is of course the bottle cage. It is recommended to use a special riding kettle. Ordinary beverage bottles are easily detached from the bottle cage and can cause a risk of crashing. If there are two bottle cages on the car, it is more ideal for long-distance riding.

7. Code table

Strictly speaking, the code table should not be an essential equipment, but the speed, mileage and other information can be satisfied by the code table to meet the small vanity.

8. Tools

Including portable pump, tire repair kit, tire removal tool, combination tool, etc. What you need is all based on your personal needs.