What is the use of the inertia of the bicycle wheel set?

- Jan 21, 2019-

The inertia of the bicycle wheelset depends on the relative rotational weight of the wheel. We have mentioned that this value cannot be measured directly, but the most important thing is that the rim is heavier than the tire. You can use a 5-10 kg scale hammer to wrap it around the hub with a 1 meter line and use the weight of the hammer to drive down. In this way, the higher the relative rotation weight, the slower the acceleration and the highest achievable. The speed is also lower. The smaller the relative rotational weight, the faster the acceleration and the higher the maximum speed that can be achieved. Relative to the rotating weight, the overall wheel weight is also relatively heavy.

In fact, this is equivalent to the battery on the bicycle. When you step on the speed of 40km and start to taxi, the kinetic energy of the whole vehicle storage is (car weight + weight) × speed square + relative rotation weight of the wheel × square of the wheel speed. If you don’t step on it, the energy will be offset by the resistance and the speed will slow down. The higher the stored energy, the farther it can slide and the slower the speed. Therefore, the higher the weight of the driver, the greater the relative rotational weight of the wheel, the more advantageous.