Bicycle Taillights Are Very Colorful

- Jan 31, 2019-

Bicycle taillights are not unfamiliar to the riders. Bicycle taillights are a must when riding at night. The role of the taillights is to mention the recognition of the vehicle, so that the rear car can identify itself, to avoid being hit by the rear car.

When riding, from the safety point of view, both the headlights and the taillights are equally important. Especially in the night riding, no matter when, the taillights are an indispensable equipment. However, when using the taillights, you should pay attention to many details.

Can't flash

Flashing, this feature is available in many taillights, although many taillights are available. However, in the actual riding, it is basically used by very few people. Also, the flash flash function is not recommended for use at night riding.

Because the strobe is the flashing of the high frequency and the high brightness of the flash when the light is on. As we all know, high-intensity lights will have a certain impact on other vehicles on the road. Just like the high beam of a bicycle, in general, it is not recommended to use the strobe mode.

The flash mode is also very power hungry. It is not recommended to open the battery in order to save battery usage and safety. However, not all situations can be opened. For example, in an emergency, it can be opened for help.

Use a red light source

The color of the taillights on the market is very diverse, but when choosing the color of the taillights, it is recommended to choose the red taillights. Other colors such as blue lights, green lights, etc., have more or less the problem of light source scattering.

The reason why the red taillights are chosen as much as possible is that the penetration of the red taillights is very strong, compared to the taillights of other colors. Only the color with strong penetrating power will better attract the attention of the rear, and its own safety factor will be higher.

Fixed position of the tail light

The position of the taillights is also important, because the placement of the taillights determines whether we are clearly visible on the road. The general taillight position is placed at the seat tube.

If you have to install the shelves yourself, in order to avoid the light of your own shelves or luggage blocking the taillights. The recommendation is to choose more than one taillight that is mounted on the shelf. When buying taillights, it is recommended that riders buy more than just taillights that emit light, and it's better to be reflective.