Comprehensive Knowledge Of Bicycle Equipment Helmets

- Jan 19, 2019-

Comprehensive knowledge of bicycle equipment helmets:

(1) Bicycle equipment helmet: It is the big mushroom that is worn on the head. Because it can protect the fragile head, it is the necessary equipment for the rider.

(2) Role: anti-collision, preventing branches and leaves from hitting, preventing flying stones from hitting, diverting rain, venting, and speeding up. The helmet with the brim can protect the sun, and the reflective logo on the helmet can prevent accidental collision when riding at night.

(3) Judging whether the helmet is good or not: (standard) includes texture, weight, lining, wearing comfort, breathability, and wind resistance.

(4) Texture: The helmet is generally made of foamed material (broken by impact to absorb vibration to achieve the effect of protecting the head), and has a smooth shell surface.

(5) Lining: It is the part of the inner side of the helmet that is in contact with the head. It can improve the wearing comfort during normal times and create a cushioning effect when the head is hit. The well-engineered helmet has a large lining coverage, a better texture, and a stronger bond to the inside of the helmet.

(6) Wearing comfort: mainly because of the personal feeling of weight, lining, lacing and head circumference. Wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the rider's head and neck and in the event of impact. Maximize protection.

(7) Breathability: The long-term insufficiency of the head may adversely affect the scalp and may also make the rider feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a good helmet or a larger number of holes, or a larger area of the hole, is to improve the breathability.

(8) Wind resistance effect: The helmet puts the human hair in the helmet, which has reduced the wind resistance of the head. For the friends who are keen to improve the speed, the influence of the helmet shape on the wind resistance is also worthy of attention.

(9) Types of bicycle equipment helmets: Half helmet type riding helmets are divided into road-specific (no hats), road and mountain dual-purpose (with detachable hats). There are also friends who use helmets similar to baseball or roller skating. The full-helmet riding helmet is similar to a motorcycle helmet and is generally used by downhill or climbing car enthusiasts.