Difference Between Safety Lights And Lights

- Apr 11, 2019-

   Not only are bike lights important for your own safety and vision, in many places,but it is also illegal to ride at night without them.It is important to stay visible to cars you are sharing the road with, but it’s also important to obey the law you don’t get a ticket. Lights are separated into front and rear lights and come in a variety of sizes, lumen ratings, and flash options.

   There is a significant difference between safety lights and lights so you can see where you are going.Some lights are just bright enough in front of you.Others lights have high intensity and are super bright to light up the path ahead.This type of light is much used in the daytime as daytime running lights.Most bicycle-related accidents happen during the day, so having ultra bright lights on the front and rear of your bike will help increase your visibility to motorists.