Do Bicycles Need To Turn On The Lights During The Day-2

- Jul 21, 2020-

In his article on car daytime driving, he also mentioned the previous bicycle daytime lighting experiment conducted in Denmark, but claimed to reduce the accident rate by 32%.

"The daily running lights significantly improve the safety of riders. A large-scale experiment of 4000 riders on bicycles in Odense showed that riding accidents were reduced by 32%, and the results were so significant." Although the results are different, it seems that it should be the same experiment, but the results are all positive.

Even if I see it here, I still believe that many people, including me, will think that it would be silly to use lighting during the day, but in real time, using lighting during the day will definitely help safety, whether it is in front of or behind the installation.

And flashing lights are more useful during the day than at night, because more ambient light can affect other people's judgment.

The human eye is more sensitive to flashing lights because it makes you look like you're moving.

If the strong light flashing at night will distract the driver, but in the daytime, there is no need to worry about it. For the rider, if there is too much ambient light interference, the flashing light will make the rider safer.

Lights are a safety tool. Don't assume that vehicles will stop or that they will see you in the lane of an intersection.

Sometimes you need to stop and make sure you see each other. With light, they will not only see you, but also easily tell you that they see you.