Do You Know What Bicycle Accessories Are There?

- Jan 14, 2019-

Do you know what bicycle accessories are?

Everyone knows that bicycles are assembled with many accessories. Today we disassemble the bicycles to see which bicycle accessories are inside:

1. Body part: including the frame, front fork, handlebar, saddle and front fork assembly, etc., is the main body of the bicycle. The transmission part includes an ankle, a crank, a sprocket, a chain, a middle shaft and a flywheel, etc., and the pedal is manually pushed by the manipulator to drive the wheel to rotate and drive forward.

2. The composition of the hands and feet dual-powered bicycle: a box made of alloy is added to the frame of the traditional self-study car. The box contains various transmission parts. Through the interaction of forces, the dual-power of the hands and feet is realized, which is simple. Push and pull the handlebars, so that the car can be used to advance the car, not only labor, but also fitness.

3. Action part: front and rear wheels, including front and rear axle parts, spokes, rims (rims), tires, etc.

4. Safety devices: including brakes (brakes), lights, bells, reflectors, etc.

Add accessories such as brackets, hangers, safety forks, fenders, and air cylinders as needed. In addition, a sports car, a race car, a mountain bike, etc. equipped with a shifting mechanism are also equipped with a shifting controller and a front and rear derailleurs.