How The Bicycle Hot Wheels Work

- Apr 08, 2019-

Bicycle hot wheels are divided into two types: position sensor and position sensor. The working principle is described below.

First, there is no position sensor class, the typical representative is the gas nozzle lamp and some other bicycle hot wheels.

According to the internal vibration switch and the light sensor, two first conditions for the work of the bicycle hot wheels are determined: 1. At night (the light sensor detects the light intensity). 2. During the ride (the vibration sensor detects if it is rotating). In the case that both conditions are met, the LED of the hot wheels lights up, which forms the effect of the hot wheels we see.

In addition to the gas nozzle lamp, there are some 16LED and 32LED bicycle hot wheels products that do not have a position sensor. In general, the system first defaults to a fixed speed (such as 25 yards) display scheme, if it is just riding speed and product. The default speed is the same, then the pattern can be displayed better. When the speed is lower than the default speed, the pattern will be pulled larger. When the speed is higher than the default speed, the pattern will be compressed tightly.

Second, with position sensor class, position sensor is divided into two kinds of external and internal sense.

Whether it is the internal or external sense of the bicycle hot wheels, compared to the previous sensorless bicycle hot wheels, the biggest feature is the ability to display pictures, text, animation and other effects. The inner sensor's hot wheels are simple to install. No additional magnets are needed. The internal position sensor is used to detect the speed of the ride and the position of the hot wheels, and adjust the display speed and pattern.

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