How To Choose Bicycle Lamp Correctly

- Feb 14, 2020-

1. Common types of bicycle lights At present, the self-propelled lamps can be roughly divided into two types: the spontaneous electric type and the battery powered type, while the self generating type can be divided into two types: the tire friction power generation and the flower drum built-in generator power generation; the battery powered self-propelled lamps can be divided into the battery and lamp separation type and the battery and lamp integration type. The spontaneous electric bicycle lamp also needs to bear the friction resistance when it is not required to turn on the lamp, which is unacceptable for the demanding riders, so the battery powered bicycle lamp is more commonly used at present. The bicycle lamp can be divided into front lamp, rear warning tail lamp and wind fire wheel (also called wheel lamp). 2. Decoration lamp of wind fire wheel The wind fire wheel of bicycle is generally installed on the axle and spokes of bicycle. It is called the wind fire wheel of bicycle or the ferris wheel of bicycle because of the colorful patterns, characters, animations, pictures and other effects formed during the riding process, similar to Nezha's wind fire wheel.