How To Choose The Right Bicycle Lamp For Night Riding

- Sep 19, 2020-

Experience sharing of night riding equipment selection

The safety of night riding comes from a mature mentality. Good vehicle conditions and appropriate safety equipment, and a bright enough lamp and headlight can only reduce the probability of accidents, just as insurance can not guarantee the risk.

1. Why have enough range?

Because cycling is different from walking, the speed should be considered at least 36km / h, because the steep slope in the mountain is enough to let you slide to this speed!

To ensure safety, drivers need to be given enough reaction time. 3 seconds is a warning time that most people can accept, so the sight distance of 30 meters is reasonable

2. Why do we need enough lateral vision? Can a flashlight be used as a lamp?

I think it is necessary to make sure that the driver can see the road more than 3-5 times the width of the car, and make the correct judgment of avoiding to the left or right at the same time when the front line is blocked.

Although the main spot of the spotlight flashlight is very bright, it is far fetched to meet the mountain riding because it can not provide enough bright horizontal vision.

3. Why do we need to equip helmet lamp?

Even if equipped with appropriate lights, the lights fixed on the handlebar or frame can not timely illuminate the road to be mastered, and there are large or small visual blind areas, so that the risk can not be suppressed.

For example, with proper headlamp, with the rotation of the driver's head before turning, it can provide lighting without dead zone to ensure riding safety to the greatest extent. The headlamp also has the advantage that it is extremely convenient to maintain the vehicle in low visibility.

4. How much battery life is really practical?

For general night riding, the activity time is 2-3 hours. Considering the normal attenuation of the battery, the initial continuous lighting time of 4-5 hours is relatively reasonable.

For long-distance night riding, I have not participated in it. However, considering the two-day no man's land where it is possible to get out of the line, it has prepared 51 hours of constant brightness of 1W endurance, which I think is enough.