Introduction Of Mountain Bike Equipment Frame And Tire

- Jan 16, 2019-

Introduction of mountain bike equipment frame and tire:

A mountain bike, whether it is comfortable to ride, whether it is light and easy to control, how high the strength can withstand, how long it can take, whether it can be upgraded, etc. The key is to look at the frame, like the motherboard on the computer, the master of the machine The requirements for the motherboard exceed the requirements for the cpu.

The frame is roughly divided into two types: a hard frame and a full suspension frame.

Hard frame: It is more labor-saving, lighter and cheaper.

Full suspension frame: more comfortable, no need to slow down when the bumpy mountain road, but the ride is slack, not suitable for long distance, the price is higher.

Tire: Personally considered important because it directly affects the rider's handling of the car on a particular road. Different tread patterns adapt to different road surfaces.

The flatter the tread, the smaller the resistance and the faster the speed, the stronger the friction on the flat ground. In particular, the leftmost slick head is suitable for a flat cement road in the city. Fine-toothed tires are suitable for dirt roads.

The more pronounced the tread, the greater the resistance and the slower the speed, the stronger the friction on the mountain.