Introduction To The Characteristics Of Mountain Bike Equipment

- Jan 17, 2019-

The characteristics of mountain bike equipment:

The mountain bike is specially designed for off-road (hills, trails, wilderness and gravel roads, etc.). Its main features are: wide tires, straight handles, front and rear shock absorption, and comfortable riding. Wide, multi-toothed tires provide grip and shock absorbers absorb shock. In recent years, the application of front shock absorption has become the standard, and vehicles with front and rear shock absorption have become more and more popular. Some mountain bikes began to use the vice, but the angle of the rise made the cross into fashion.

With the characteristics of high rigidity and flexible walking, it is not necessary to choose a road when riding. Whether it is roaming in the street or leisure, it has won wide acclaim. Cyclists can enjoy the comfortable riding pleasure in various road environments.

Because of its solid, rugged, novel appearance, colorful colors, and superior riding performance, it quickly became the fashion pursued by urban youth.

Various components are different from ordinary bicycles, tires with good cushioning and shock resistance, solid and strong frame with high material rigidity, handles that are not easy to fatigue, and a transmission that can ride smoothly even on steep slopes. In addition, the mountain bike is more suitable for mountain biking and outings.

Mountain bikes, the speed is generally 10 speed, 12 speed, 15 speed, 18 speed, 21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed and now there are 30 speed. The correct use of the transmission can cope with complicated road conditions and climates such as flat roads, up and down slopes, dirt roads, and top winds, which is much more labor-saving than ordinary bicycles.

Long-distance riding, you should change the governor in time to give full play to the special features of mountain bikes. Generally speaking, it should be slightly stronger under the foot. If you feel a little "empty", you should change the speed ratio immediately; on the contrary, if you feel a little hard, you should change to a low speed ratio in time.