Learn How To Keep Balance On Bicycle

- Jun 24, 2020-

Step 1:

Find a bike that will let the learner land on both feet. This can overcome the learners' psychological factors of fear of falling, at least let them know that if they want to fall, they can support the ground with their feet, and people will not be injured.

In this way, he would dare to learn. Children usually choose a children's car. For adults, I usually use shared bikes directly. In fact, Moby bike is very good. Especially for those seats that can be adjusted, adults can basically land on both feet when sitting on them.

Step 2:

Don't rush to learn to ride a bicycle. Learn to row. If you step on it as soon as you sit on it, it will surely tilt, so you don't have to hurry to let him step on it and let him row on the ground first. Row with both feet on the ground. When the row reaches a certain level, let both feet leave the ground at the same time. At this time, he will unconsciously put his foot on the pedal, and at this time, you will let him try to step on it. There will be no imbalance.

Step 3:

Balance before going on the road. When he can step on his own, it means that he can basically ride a bicycle, but if he wants to go on the road, he has to wait for him to ride smoothly. Many cyclists, the first time on the road, will be afraid to see pedestrians, cars, including dogs, cats and other things. So practice more. Wait until you're in balance before you go. Before going on the road, it is very necessary to learn some traffic rules, such as how to see the turn signal, how to avoid the car and so on. Children, in particular, must be taught how to look at traffic lights.