Mountain Bike Equipment Riding Knowledge

- Jan 25, 2019-

First, the height of the ride: the arm is naturally supported on the handlebar, the toes of the two feet are up to the highest, and the car sits in the middle of the hips for the most suitable riding height.

Second, the riding comfort: step on the foot pedal with the forefoot, the knee is close to the crossbar of the frame B, the sole of the foot is pedaled to the outside, and the whole leg is X-shaped from the front. When going uphill, the body leans forward, the center of gravity moves forward and the arm bends, and the buttocks lift upwards. (Note: Do not shake the front handle left or right, not only will it not cause force to cause a rollover accident)

Third, the choice of the horizontal: the arm to the horizontal line of the horizontal deviation of 5 degrees, the outer side of the palm of the distance is 2 cm laterally the most suitable, if you want to carry out long-distance riding, you can choose to install the butterfly, because long-distance riding The different positions of the hand grip are needed to reduce the fatigue of the arms as well as the shoulders, back and waist.

Fourth, SIJ (the length of the front shock absorber to the rebound stroke length) can not be adjusted more or less, according to their own weight and the specific conditions of the road surface to be adjusted, moderate hardness, too soft and easy to bottom out The bottom screw is blasted; it is too hard to open the front fork to cause the front fork to be scrapped. Personally, if you choose an adjustable shock absorber, it is best to control the stroke within the range of 80-100mm. If you use an unadjustable shock absorber, it is best not to ride on the pit road, gravel road or wave road, but If you have the courage to try to fall, you may wish to try your own skills.

Note: Long distance riding is not good for both men and women. Therefore, during the riding process, it is necessary to pay attention to regular rest and adjustment, and check whether the performance of the vehicle can continue to ride in the next section. The length of the ride depends on the degree of adaptation of each body. It is not possible to map distance, speed and altitude.