Mountain Bike Equipment Sand Riding Skills

- Jan 26, 2019-

Mountain bike equipment sand riding skills:

(1) The easiest skill is to follow the trajectory of other mountain bike riders, let the tires ride into the straight rut path to cross the sand; when you keep the tires in the rut, try to Smooth pedaling, and gently hold the handlebars, let the entire control follow the rut track, and remember to balance, you will be able to pass easily.

 (2) If there is no rut track? Then you need some boating skills, the buttocks are gently placed on the cushion, keeping the center of gravity between the two tires, the eyes looking straight at the end of the sand, using the low gear, but using the front sprocket, This can have a strong pedaling for a long time.

 (3) Each time the pedal is turned, keep it straight down, and between the powerful pedaling pulsation, use the dead point of the pedaling to bounce the body upwards to help the tires up and reduce the smoothness on the sand.

 (4) Use the movements of the body to avoid excessive steering of the handlebars. Excessive steering will cause the front wheels to sink into the sand.

(5) Persevere, treat this as a game that goes beyond obstacles, don't give up before falling, and never let other knights ride farther than you on the sand.