Outdoor Sports Biker's Bicycle Equipment

- Jan 15, 2019-

Bicycle equipment for outdoor sports riders:

1. Helmet: 1 is enough.

2. Gloves: 1 pair, all fingers or half fingers depending on the local environment.

3. Sleeve: If you wear long-sleeved clothes, or if you are not afraid of tanning, you can avoid it.

4. Pants: Personal preference.

5. Cycling pants: 1 or 2.

6. Cycling tops: Personal hobbies with 2 short sleeves (summer).

7. Quick-drying: It is very useful as a sweat-wicking underwear or outerwear.

8. Jackets: Depending on the temperature of the area, it is generally lighter and lighter, reducing the burden.

9. Gore-trousers: Ready/not ready.

10. Trekking shoes: cycling / outdoor use (long-distance riding, personal disapproval of locking shoes).

11. Beach shoes: bathing / playing water / cycling.