Regular Maintenance Of Mountain Bike Equipment

- Jan 23, 2019-

Regular maintenance of mountain bike equipment:

Cleaning the car: In addition to keeping your car in the new car, cleaning the car also avoids the rust of the frame, and if you are riding in a heavy rain or mud, you should do the cleaning as soon as possible after the ride. Pay attention to the following points when washing the car: If there is not much sludge on the body, or it is mostly dust, you can use a rag to clean it, or use a large brush to clean it. High-pressure water column should not be used to remove sludge from the body. Although this method is very efficient, it may force the sewage into the bearing, which may cause damage to the bearing. In the case of a lot of sludge on the body, the sludge should be washed with a brush and soapy water, rinsed with water, and then wiped dry with a cloth. After the car is clean, remember to check if the paint is peeling off. The steel frame will start to rust after the paint stripping, and the aluminum alloy or carbon fiber and titanium alloy frame will not rust, which will only affect the appearance. After washing the car with water, remember to dry the chain and re-oil.

Check the brake pads: Remove the debris from the brake pads to ensure their braking force. If the wear is severe, update them.

Re-oil the line pipe: If the brake or shifting action is not good, the friction between the inner and outer wires may be too large, remove the outer wire from the stop pipe, apply the butter to the inner wire, and then reinstall it. If so, the action is still If it is not smooth, consider replacing the inner and outer tubes.

Oiling the chain: After dropping the lubricating oil on the chain, after about ten minutes, wipe off the oil on the outside of the chain. As long as the internal part of the chain has oil, the external oil will stick to the dust. Increase the trouble of cleaning, so it is best to wipe it clean. In addition, if you use spray cans, remember to wipe the oil from other parts after the oil is finished.