Road Car Accessories Talk About Buying A Bicycle To Check What

- Jan 13, 2019-

Road bike accessories talk about what to buy to buy a bicycle:

1. Overall inspection: Brand vehicles should be equipped with packaging and related instructions. After the vehicle is equipped, the center of the front and rear wheels should be on the center of the frame. Appearance: There should be no obvious defects on the exposed surface of each component. The trademark and decal pattern should be complete and clear. There should be no bad adhesion, damage or misalignment; the paint and electroplated parts have good appearance. Welded parts, such parts mainly include the frame, the front fork, the riser, etc. The weld surface of such parts should be uniform and tidy, and there must be no welds, welds, missing welds, and misalignment of the welds. Once you find it, don't talk about it.

2. Check sharp edges: The main consideration here is that during normal riding, handling or maintenance, the rider's hands and legs may touch, and there should be no exposed sharp edges. The places that are more prone to problems are: shelves, the bottom of the cushion, and the water-removing holes in the frame. In addition, the exposed portion of each bolt should be smaller than the diameter of the bolt.

3. Rotating parts: Each rotating part (including the frame front fork, crank sprocket, wheel, ankle, etc.) should be flexible and flexible, without looseness or blockage. The crank should have enough clearance between the crank and the rear fork of the frame during the rotation, and there should be enough clearance between the wheel and the frame (and the brake pads) (but the distance between the brake pads and the rim should not be too large. Guaranteed to be better at 2-3mm)

4. Transmission components: Each transmission component (including crank sprocket, flywheel, chain, etc.) should be flexible and flexible. There should be no chain breakage or jump chain when rotating. The crank, sprocket and chain cannot be connected with the chain cover or frame. friction.

5. Brake system: The brake system must be flexible and reliable. The installation of the front and rear brakes must conform to their own habits. The distance between the brake handle and the handlebar should also be suitable for the size of their own hands.

6. Shifting device: The shifting device should be clear and reliable in the shifting range, without gaps and skipping.

7. Other aspects: a qualified bicycle, the saddle tube and the handlebar should have a safety mark; the steering line (mainly the shifting line and the brake line) should have sufficient length, and the steel rope should move smoothly in the steel rope sleeve, steel The end of the rope should be passivated or have a steel rope cap; the frame should ensure that the body does not fall over when the handlebar is in any position, the positioning and resetting of the frame are flexible and reliable; the reflection device, the wide-angle reflector in front of the white and red, and the most on the wheel It is good to have a side reflector, of course the active reflector is the best.