Shanghai Traffic Police Advocates The Bicycle Riding “light Project”

- Mar 07, 2019-

Shanghai Traffic police advocates the bicycle riding light project

In the Spring Festival, Aunt Huang drove the car from west to east on Zhangyang  Rd,suddenly a dark shadow run into her car.Aunt Huang stopped her car then found it is a night riding.

  Most of bike rides didnt install the bike lights, it is so dangerous in the dark street. The experienced drivers said, the light on the E-bike neither make the rider see the road nor make ware of the others.

 So far, there are 1.5 million E-bikes on register in Pudong area Shanghai, as the the police record,70% rides without lights when driving in the night, that trigger more than 200 traffic cases in 2018.

  The traffic police advocates, when you are night riding, pls put on the bike lights,open the front and tail lights, make sure you are safety, decrease traffic case.