The Best Routes For Cycling In China

- May 28, 2019-

The best  routes for cycling in China

1.The first-the great desert line

Wulumuqi-daban-tulufan-shanshanxian-yiwanquan village-hami city-luotuoquan village-xingxingxia town-liuyuan town-xihu xiang-dunhuang city

Features: although the road in the great desert, but the surrounding is very nice, the only problem is the wind.

Best time:August-October

2. Around Qinghai lake

Colockwise:heimaxiang-niao island-gangca xian-xihai town-huangyuan xian.all the route is about 360kilometers.

Features:Due the cycling match in qinghai lake, so this route is excellent.The temperature is changing extremely between morning and night, wearing more cloths for catch cold.

Best time:Summer

3. The most dangerous and beautiful view route :Sichuan -Tibet

Chengdu city-Yaan city-kangding town-yajiang town-litang town-

Batang town-mangkang town-zuogong town-basu town-bomi town-linzhi town-gongbujiangda town-mozugongka town-lasa city.

Best time:May-June September-October