The Function Of Bicycle Lamp

- Jun 29, 2020-

There are two main functions of the lamp.

One is to give the driver lighting at night or in bad sight to observe the road ahead, but this does not mean that the brighter the light and the farther the light is, the better. Because the light is too bright and too far, it will cause dazzle to the driver of the car, and increase the traffic safety hazard.

General vehicles will determine the luminous intensity and height of the light beam according to its designed maximum speed. The design speed of the electric bicycle is lower than that of the motor vehicle. The luminous intensity and height of the light beam of the electric bicycle are naturally smaller and lower than those of the motor vehicle, but they have met the driving requirements of the bicycle.

The second is to warn the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, including direct warning of vehicles in the opposite direction, so that the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians can notice that there is a car here. Therefore, it is necessary for traffic safety to turn on the lights at night or in bad weather such as rain and fog.