The Only Cycling Path In Xiaman

- Mar 15, 2019-

  The sea wind with the cool rainy cover the all coconut island.The longest cycling path is crossing the island. This path named Xinglin Bay.

  The path is long 22.6 kilometer, combined with water leisure sports.There are walking path, cycling path ,rest areas and tourist attraction one by one.The features is environment friendly,low consume,leisure and reminiscence.

  The four stations as follow:

  The first is Yuanboyuan,it is about 2.8 kilometer that will take 15 min to ride.

  The second is Zhonghang City, about 2.1 kilometer that will take  11 min to ride.

  The third is Yinlin bay business centre, the path is about 2.0kilometer that take 11 min to ride.

  The fourth is Chinese Academy of Science, the path is about 2.5 kilometer that will take 15 min to ride

   Tips: don’t forget you cycling safety lights, when you are riding.