What Are The Bad Conditions Of Mountain Bike Accessories?

- Jan 24, 2019-

What are the bad conditions of mountain bike accessories:

(1) Scratch: Scratches and cuts on the surface of bicycle accessories due to improper protection during processing, packaging, and transportation.

(2) Hard scratches: The surface of the bicycle fitting has a significant depth of scratch due to the friction of the hard object.

(3) Soft scratch: no obvious depth scratches, no feel, but the naked eye can be clearly seen.

(4) Burr: Since the bicycle fittings are not processed after mechanical stamping or cutting, the metal burrs generated at the edge or the parting surface of the workpiece are caused.

(5) Uncertain cutting: The edge of the bicycle is not cut due to the positioning of the bicycle fittings during the processing or improper fixing of the equipment.

(6) Deformation: The flat deformation of the bicycle fittings caused by improper adjustment of the processing equipment or the material due to internal stress.

(7) Oxidation and rust: rust spots appear on the surface due to improper rust-proof treatment or improper handling measures after bicycle parts are processed.

(8) Dimensional deviation: Due to the insufficient precision of the processing equipment, the dimensional deviation of the bicycle fittings exceeds the design permission level.

(9) Surface dent: Due to poor heat treatment of the material or rusting of the material, internal impurities cause dents formed on the metal surface.

(10) Welding scar: A convex scar that remains after the bicycle fitting has been polished without being polished.

(11) Rupture: Cracks or fine cracks in bicycle fittings due to machining damage.