What Are The Common Bicycle Equipment?

- Jan 20, 2019-

(1) Cycling helmet: It is a lightweight helmet that is pressed with high-strength foam for head protection.

(2) riding headscarf: for a variety of purposes, mainly used to wick away the sun and block dust.

(3) Cycling glasses: According to the wearing period, the lenses can be divided into a variety of colors, generally dark gray, yellow, white. Dark gray - suitable for wearing in the noon sun for a sufficient period of time to wear, to block glare; yellow - suitable for early morning, dusk sunshine is relatively dark to wear; white, suitable for dark weather or night wear. Its main function is to block the sun and block the dust.

(4) Cycling clothing: special clothing for cyclists, made of a variety of fabrics, can be selected as needed. Its main function is to keep warm, quick-drying and breathable.

(5) Riding cuffs: also known as arm sleeves, mainly worn with short-sleeved jerseys, easy to disassemble, its main function is to keep warm and sunscreen.

(6) Cycling gloves: special gloves for the rider. There are half finger and full finger points. The palm part is thickened. The high-end riding gloves are padded with silicone layer, which is mainly used to reduce the damage when crashing. Prevent scratching your hands.

(7) Cycling backpack or purse: There is no special regulation for riding backpacks. It is mainly used to hold the things needed for the riding process, to meet the needs, and does not make special requirements.