What Are The Types Of Bicycle Safety Lights?

- Nov 28, 2020-

1.Headlights. This is essential, this is the safety guarantee for driving at night. Install a light stand on the front of the car, and then insert the charging lamp LED light into the light stand. Because it is a rechargeable type, there is no need to replace the battery, and the LED consumes less power, can be illuminated for a long time, and can adjust the focal length, and the lighting distance can be adjusted, which is very convenient.

2. Front reflector lights. It is necessary to install this light to reflect the other party’s light effectively when there is a car coming oncoming, so that the other party can find it in time. And under the illumination of the car lights, the reflection distance of this reflector is farther than that of the headlights. In the case of better lighting on urban roads, the headlights may not be driven, and the oncoming vehicles can also find themselves.

3. Lights at the rear of the car. This light is installed under the rear frame of the vehicle and has a variety of lighting methods to warn vehicles behind. The lights are equipped with manual switches, which can be turned off under good lighting conditions.

4. Reflective foot lamp. There are reflective lights on the sides of both pedals. Regardless of whether there is a car coming from the front or the rear, they can reflect the light when there is light. When the rear light is turned off, the reflected light effect is also very good Well, at a long distance you can see a light swinging up and down.

5. Side lights of the frame. There are manual switches, a variety of lighting methods, and warning lights on the left and right sides.