What Is The Wind Hot Wheel?

- Mar 05, 2019-

There are spoke lights, valve lights and hub lights, all that we called wind hot wheel on bicycle.Due these lights display all kinds of patterns, cartons, figures and so on when people were night riding.

  The first wind hot wheel light is the valve light,it was installed on bike valve.Usually the length is 6-10cm, it can change a colorful circle at night.

  The second is the spoke lights, which were installed on bike spokes. There are 16LEDS, 36LEDS,48LEDS and 128LEDS. The spoke lights can display many patterns as people demand.The defect is speed demand. When the speed is arrived 10-15KM/H, the pattern is completely displayed. The newly one that people can DIY patterns , cartons and figures as your favorite.

  The third is the hub light, which is installed on the bike hub. There is no speed demand, neither you riding slow or fast, it always display colorful patterns.

  All above wind hot wheel lights are make the night riding more fun and colorful.