Which Is Better The Children Bikes Or Balance Bikes?

- Apr 04, 2019-

  Recently the balance bikes are popular not only in China also in the North American. So many parents and experts have argument about it.

  The balance bikes are the fresh for the many people, it has no pedals, that moved by child’s feet .Many people believed it ,otherwise are not. So this debating are hot recently.

  Supporter:Nacy is a mother who has a 3 years old child, she said in their generation, they learned the bike from children bike, although they fall down on the grounds sometimes, she learned to riding at all.

  Opponent:Helen said she has old son, when he learned the riding from the bike with training wheels, by the 7 years old he still need the training wheel to ride. But now the young son learned from the balance bike,he can ride fast than his brother.

  The expert said , no data show that the balance bikes are better than the normal bikes, but going outside is much better than the sofa potato.