Why The Duck Bicycle Light Is So Popular

- Apr 16, 2019-

                                       Why the duck bicycle light is so popular?

  The original designer is Hofmann from Netherlands,the duck is a symbol for peace and love.

  On the 10th, January ,1992, a ship from Hongkong to USA filled with duck ,beaver,tortoise and frog bath toys were drowned in the sea, the same time the bath toys were drifted by the ocean current to all kinds of countries.Many people fall in love with the ducks, when the ducks arrived in the coast, people rushed to grab them.

  Recently the people put the ducks on the bicycle as light and horn.Some people put the all kinds of caps on the duck, that attract many people especially the youth.Also it has a nick name--”pofengya”When people are tired to ride, you can nip the duck to release the pressure.